St. Mira's College For Girls, Pune

Autonomous - Affiliated to Savitribai Phule Pune University * Undertaking

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Re-accredited by NAAC 'A' Grade (Third Cycle June 2017) 2017 : NAAC score 3.41 2012 : NAAC score 3.03 Awarded: Best College-SPPU (2002); , UGC-CPE (2005), UGC-CPE (2010)

NSS 2022-23

Department of NSS - Shiv Swarajya Din Shivrajyabhishek Diwas (2021-22)

Department of NSS celebrated ShivSwarajya Din on 6th June 2022. For this celebration various activities were organized by the department and college.

ShivSwarajya Din Celebration

The teaching staff, non- teaching staff and some students celebrated this day by the lightning of a lamp by college authorities; information about Shivaji Maharaj and his contribution towards Hindavi Swarajya was explained to everyone. Maharashtra geet and Rashtra geet was sung by all members present. The total participants were 63 - Teachers-37, Non-teaching staff 5, students - 21.

Short documentary on Shivaji Maharaj and on Shivrajyabhishek

Short documentary was screened on the story of ShivSwarajya Din that gave an insight to the history and about the changes which were done by Shivaji Maharaj. Total participants were 63- Teachers-37, Non-teaching staff 5, students 21.

Participation in Shiv Swarajya Din -Rajyabhishek Sohla -Live from Satara city

The celebration of Shiv Swarajya Din-ShivRajyabhishek Sohla was cast in a live stream on YouTube from Satara city. This was attended by a total of 51 participants. 21 teachers, 20 students, 10 non-teaching staff