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Re-accredited by NAAC 'A' Grade (Third Cycle June 2017)

Awarded: Best College-SPPU (2002); , UGC-CPE (2005), UGC-CPE (2010)


Romeo and Juliet

A Musical Adaptation: Romeo and Juliet

22nd Dec 2017

The students in the TYBA optional English class study the famous tragedy by Shakespeare called Romeo and Juliet. This inspired an ambitious plan that involved a hundred students from the college across all streams. They helped script the play, design tickets, market and sell them so as to have two shows both running to full houses. They then designed backdrops which they painted and scanned onto giant LED screen. Another team did the makeup for the performers, others sold snacks at the beginning and end of the play , ushered about nine hundred people to their seats to ensure that the show went off smoothly. They handled the sound, lights in addition to those that danced, acted and sang in a modern day adaptation of the play that was truly an extravaganza. Two shows were performed to a full house and it truly was a memorable experience. The video was uploaded on youtube for all to see.

The experience was more than any classroom teaching could afford. Apart from time management, responsibility, team work, confidence building and creativity a hundred students from all walks of life got a taste of what it feels like to be a star and no experience compares with that.

Teklogica 2017-18

Like every year the Department of Computer Science organized an intercollegiate competition, “TEKLOGICA”. Students of different colleges participated in an Electronics Project, Poster-making Competition, C Code Warrior, Statistics-Poster presentation, Math Aptitude Test, and other fun games.

EXODUS – Dept of BBA and BBA (CA)

Exodus is an annual festival and intercollegiate event that is hosted by the BBA and the BCA departments. The word Exodus formally means "the mass departure of people". This year, we have connected this meaning to it being a 'way out'.

A way out in its original and typical sense means something that is extremely unconventional and unique - which is what we promise are the perfect words that characterise our fest. A way out is also for all the students to leave their hectic study and routine schedules for a few hours of fun where they participate, learn, teach, encourage, motivate, build confidence, win, lose, get certificates and even network and get to know more people. Exodus is intended to give every participant a platform to show their talents, be fearless and expand their horizons.

It generally ranges from 2 to 3 days and consists of various events, competitions, games, and attractions over these two days. Held towards the end of the year, just when winter strikes the city, the events hosted are cultural and academic; they cover a wide range of fields such as fashion, music, dance, sports, business, management, IT, Science, Commerce, Arts and even Communication.

Public Lecture

Storytelling by Chetan Shetty

Chetan Shetty is the Chief Operating Officer of Extensia an Indo-German global technology company that deals with consulting and innovation for mobile, cloud and design but his passion is literature and storytelling. The Department of English was thrilled to have him conducted a special session for St. Mira’s students.

On Thursday, 26th July 2018 at 12 pm in the A.V Room, he enthralled students with the story 'Ram Khilawan' by Manto, followed by a discussion thereafter.

The story is about a young man’s life journey in which his Dhobi plays a central role including inadvertently saving his life when he is almost attacked by a mob. It is a post-partition narrative when India was rocked by communal riots.

Different girls talked about their personal partition stories, memories that were part of their family history. Others talked about how the rich exploit the poor using them to fight their battles.

Chetan also talked about Extensia and internship opportunities with them. He emphasized how important it was for young women to be self-reliant and financially independent. In addition, he spoke about corporate culture and work ethics.

The talk was attended by over 150 students and was a huge success.

Whabiz Merchant Memorial Lecture VIth Edition - 20th January 2018

Prof Merchant introduced the Whabiz Merchant Memorial Lecture with a beautiful poem he had dedicated to his sister who was no more. The series consisted of 10 lectures all over the country where the first five were male speakers and the next five would be women. Thus, St Mira’s kicked off the second leg of the series.

Suniti Namjoshi a renowned writer from the UK is an ex IAS officer who did her Ph.D. on Ezra Pound. She read several of her stories and poems which were delightful, humorous and yet profound. She talked about how the myths mutated over time and focussed on the feminist reworking of some ancient myths like those from the Panchatantra, Aesop Fables, and some ancient Greek myths.

Social outreach

Social Outreach Programme Organized by SY BCOM Students From July 2018- September 2018 Kasturba Gandhi School Koregaon Park

Students from SYBCom class were divided into groups, each group was assigned specific tasks at Kasturba Gandhi School. They taught basic etiquette in communication to students of 4th – 9th Std.; entertained the students with games, cooking, art and craft, some mudras of yoga; taught them health and hygiene; team building exercises and presentation skills.

The aim was to enable students to inculcate the habit of giving back to society.

Department Of Psychology

As a part of the social outreach activity students of Department of Psychology volunteer for Connecting NGO.The students undergo Mentorship Programs and Listening Skills Training and work for creating awareness regarding various reasons and risk factors for committing suicide, protective factors and help with Connecting helpline and workshops.

As a part of the social outreach activity students of Department of Psychology intern with Centre for Mental Health Services- School Counselling Remediation (CMHS-SCR) in collaboration with Teach for India whichprovides training and internship programs to students to train them in the field of school counselling and remediation. Post their intensive training the students are placed in one of the low-income schools identified by Teach for India where they counsel and mentor the students about various emotional and behavioural issues.

As a part of the social outreach activity students of Department of Psychology volunteer for Zensar Technologies that aims at running transformational programs like community mobilization and development with the help of SALT Technique (an acronym for Support / Appreciate / Listen / Team) strategy. The students help in developing resilience and motivation within communities so that they can be empowered for change.

As a part of the social outreach activity students of Department of Psychology lunteer for Nayi Disha Resource Centre which is an online information resource platform that supports families of persons with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD). The students volunteered to generate the lead data and conduct surveys for creating the directory in Pune city.

Dept of Politics and Public Administration

Internship with Borderless World Foundation (2018-19)

Zahra Shetranjiwala (FY BA) and Neha Kadali (SY BA) (Dept of Politics and Public Administration) under the guidance of Prof. Veena Kenchi volunteered to intern with the Kashmir based NGO- Borderless World Foundation (BWF).

The summer internship (2018) included staying in the state of Jammu and Kashmir and creating psychological profiles of orphans in the BWF Homes of Jammu, Srinagar, Kupwara, Anantnag and Beerwa. The students also conducted a comparative study of orphans of the Jammu and Srinagar homes.

The internship helped in sensitizing students towards the problems of girls in conflict –prone regions. Interactions with the orphans of BWF have immensely helped the students understand the theoretical concepts of conflict, trauma, human rights violations, gender specific issues in conflict –prone areas.

Borderless World Foundation (BWF) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization started by Mr. Adhik Kadam working in Jammu and Kashmir, along the conflict-driven border region in between India, Pakistan & China, BWF has rescued hundreds of girls orphaned in the conflict along the India-Pakistan border. BWF strives toward a vision of "One Great Human Family" through a variety of activities, including disaster relief and emergency medical support for the community and rescuing hundreds of children left orphaned by the ongoing conflict and providing love, support, health care and education to help them grow into a generation of peacemakers.

Social Service

Students of F.Y.B.Sc. (CS) visited to “ Niwant Andh Mukt Vikasalaya” 2017 - 18

Students of F.Y.B.Sc. (CS) along with class teacher Anjali Kale visited to “ Niwant Andh Mukt Vikasalaya” as a part of social service program. They donated A4 size papers and pencil boxes to the students.

Students of S.Y.B.Sc. (CS) visited to “HOPE” 2017 - 18

Students of S.Y.B.Sc. (CS) along with class teacher Swatee Sarwate visited to “HOPE” – Human organization pioneering in Education as a part of social service program. They donated daily needs to the students.

Cultural Activities

Intercollegiate Competition

Poster Competition on "How Social Media Affects Youth Lifestyle?"

A poster competition was organized by the BBA (CA) Department on 23rd August 2018. The purpose of this event was to showcase self-explanatory posters on the topic, "How Social Media Affects Youth Lifestyle" Students from all the disciplines of the college actively participated in the event. The posters were evaluated by the judges, Mrs. Pallavi Hivarkar and Mrs. Ashwini Kulkarni. The event was a successful one, due to the good work put in by the final year students who showed great enthusiasm in organizing the exhibition.

Intercollegiate Competition Winners/Achievers

Guest Lecture

Guest Lecture on 'Career Counselling in Mass Media'

A Guest Lecture on 'Career Counselling in Mass Media' was conducted for the students of BBA and BBA(CA) on 31st August 2018 by Mr. James Mathew, Deputy News Editor-Multimedia, Hindustan Times Digital Streams Limited. Mr.Mathew has also worked with DNA as an Assistant News Editor.

Mr.Mathew discussed the various career options in Mass Media available to the students after graduation – Public Relations, Event Management, Advertising, Films, Photography, Print Journalism, TV Journalism, Social Media, Radio, Web Journalism to name a few. The students can also pursue MBA in Mass Media.

The session was of great help to the students who want to pursue a career in multimedia in the future.

Book Fair and Guest Lecture on "Careers in Media–Today and Tomorrow" (2018–2019)

Book Affair

because we care to read

An event of 200 books display organized on the 6th of September in the AV Room was a rare student-centred initiative. It intensified readers’ interests and infused explicit need and knowledge of books. 'Versatile Verses' a collection of about 20 poems illustrated and written by the students was formally released at the hands of the Chief Guest, Vinutha Mallya, a journalist and editor. The collection will be a part of the college library as a reference material to encourage future aspirants.

Bookmarks made by students with quotes on reading and caricatures of writers were on sale to enhance creativity and charity. To align with the digital age, a PPT about general awareness of e-reading was presented. A knowledge game of books and writers conducted added keenness of the audience.

The event concluded with a lecture on 'Careers in Media–Today and Tomorrow' by the Chief Guest followed by Q and A.

The book fair proved highly beneficial for English language learners and seekers.

Guest lecture on Translation & Interpretation: Studies and Career Options

Guest Lecture on "'IDS/IPS, Firewall and Cybersecurity Attacks"

The Department of Computer science organized a guest lecture on "'IDS/IPS, Firewall and Cybersecurity Attacks" on September 1, 2018, which took place at St. Mira’s College at 9.30 am for M.Sc. and T.Y.B.Sc. Computer Science students.

The lecture was conducted by Prof Mahesh Lonare from Army Institute of Technology, Engineering College, Pune.

Prof Lonare explained how to secure a computer or mobile phone against new virus attacks like phishing, smishing and vishing. He gave the students in-depth knowledge of firewalls and its setup along with Cybersecurity ‘AAAAA’(5A) model.

Career Counselling Opportunities and Recent Trends in Finance

On 8th August 2018, Wednesday, a session on "Opportunities and Recent Trends in Finance" was conducted at St. Mira’s College for the students of Business Studies and B.B.A. Department. This workshop was organized by Mrs. Abhradita Chatterjee Navhi and was hosted by Mrs. Aparna. Thadani& Mrs. Krishita Payremalani, who are not only Chartered Accountants but also hold prestigious titles in their work field.

The hour-long session educated the students on various paths that they can pursue after their graduation and post-graduation. They were guided on how best to select a path based on their interests. Information regarding the most renowned local as well as international establishments that have a requirement for their qualifications was provided.

The students were also made aware of the job market scenario in the coming years and how to tackle such hurdles.

This session was a successful endeavour at helping the girls to clearly define a career path for themselves by being enlightened about the upcoming trends and requirements.

Guest Lecture on Professional Ethics and Values

On 14th August 2018 Department of Accountancy organized a guest lecture on "Professional Ethics and Values" for the Third-Year B.Com students. The session was conducted by a very young and dynamic achiever CA Aishwarya Gundecha who highlighted the significance of professional ethics and values. The sole foundation of any profession, particularly Chartered Accountants profession is it's credibility. Students gained a deeper insight into the ethics that have been prescribed and expected to be followed by the professionals. This will help them to be vigilant and wise in rendering their services as professionals, as they would be aware of the consequences of not adhering to the ethics in one's chosen profession.

Guest Lecture on Interview Skills

A guest lecture on ‘Interview Skills’ was organized by the BBA(CA) Department on 10th August 2018 for BBA- BCA students. The lecture was conducted by Ms. Roma Dar, faculty of the Department of English,St.Mira’s College, with the objective to equip them with skills that will help them in preparationbefore and during the interview, familiarize them with the humane aspect of interviews, the importance of personality development and interpersonal relations.

The session was informative and beneficialto the students in providing them the right aspects to work upon in interviews. The students learned to face interviews calmly and understand the aspects of both the interviewer as well as theinterviewee. The speaker kept the session interactive, which made the students open-up and actively participate in the session. The students have taken from this a very positive experience which would aid them in facing all types of interviews at every stage of life.

Guest Lecture on "Cyber Security Awareness Session and Careers in It"

The Department of Electronics organized a guest lecture on "Cyber Security Awareness Session and Careers In It" conducted by Mr. Sanjay Katkar – CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and founder of Quick Heal and Mr. Rohit Srivastwa - Senior Director and Head of Cyber Education and Services, Quick Heal, Pune on 13th August 2018. Mr. Sanjay Katkar informed and updated students on how Cyber Security and Forensics is changing the world around us. Mr. Rohit Srivastwa guided the students on different careers in Digital Forensic; Network Security Management; Incident Management; Security Testing; and Risk-audit and Compliance.

The session was interactive and enhanced knowledge on Cyber Security and careers in it.

Guest Lecture on Civil Service Examination

Departments of Economics, History & Politics organized a Guest Lecture on “Preparation for Civil Service & Competitive Examinations on July 27th, 2018 at 11 AM. The lecture was delivered by Dr. Sushil Bari, faculty at the Unique Academy, Pune. Unique Academy provides guidance and training to students aspiring for Civil Services and other examinations.

Dr. Bari highlighted the prerequisites and process of civil services and other competitive examinations. He elaborated on the structure of various competitive examinations and the marking scheme followed by these examinations. Insights were provided on what to study and how to study for competitive examinations. He also touched upon the process of Personal Interviews for final selection of candidates and preparation for the same. Dr. Bari gave relevant examples of questions asked in examinations and the answers expected as well as examples of students who have achieved success in their endeavour to join the Civil services. Dr. Bari oriented the participants about the importance of hard work, well-planned study schedules, perseverance and focus besides stressing on the innate virtues like honesty and integrity looked at in potential civil servants. The session was informative and interactive with questions and queries from the participants. The lecture was open to all students of BA and BCom.

Guest Lecture-Dr. Sushil Bari, Unique Academy on ‘Preparation for Civil Services & Competitive Examination’

Guest Lecture on "An Introduction to Editing"

The Department of English organized a guest lecture on "An Introduction to Editing" on August 4, 2018, whichtook place at St. Mira’s College in the AV Room at 12 pm. The lecture was conducted by Mrs. Tanvi Kher, a financial editor at CrisilLtd. who also has experience in market research report editing, and Mr. Shishir Rao, a sub-editor at Sakal Times with considerable experience in editing as well as writing.

Mrs. Kher broadly covered the main aspects of content editing.She briefly explained the role and responsibilities of aneditor with the help of the five Cs–correctness, clarity, conciseness, comprehensibility, and consistency. Mr. Rao mainly focused on the role of a sub-editor working at a newspaper office. The exclusive purpose of this lecture was to make the students acquainted with content editing as a sound and lucrative career option, and breaking down the process of editing to enhance the value of the written material.

Guest Lecture on Practical aspects of Economics

A Guest Lecture on "Practical aspects of Economics" was conducted for the students of First and Second Year BBAon 26th July 2018. The speaker for the Guest Lecture was Dr. Ishita Ghosh, a Doctorate in Economics. She is an Assistant Professor, a Programme In-Charge (MSc Economics)and Examination In-Charge for the Department of Symbiosis International Deemed University.

Dr. Ghosh discussed several topics like Utility, Price Discrimination, Consumer Surplus, Sunk Cost, Minimum Support Price announced by the Government, Stock market and Oil Price Hike & 2018 China-United States Trade War.The session was quite interactiveand helped the students widen their practical knowledge.

Guest lecture on Enterprise Management

A guest lecture on Enterprise Management was organized by BBA Department on 19th July 2018 for Entrepreneurship Development students. The speaker was Ms. Hiral Desai. Ms. Desai is a freelance Soft Skills and Behavioral Training Facilitator in Pune. The objective of the lecture was to facilitate students with practical insights about opportunity identification; channels selection; importance of correct market study and research; understanding customer perspective better; aiming to always excel; optimum time utilization; ways to increase influential circle; ways to create impactful contacts; having an optimistic outlook on difficult circumstances; use of social media as a tool to target market; creating a win-win situation in business deals and so on.

The session was informative, offering guidance to students towards future business endeavors and not only provided them with the essential pointers for work life but also for enriching their personal lives.


Asst. Prof. Shanthi Fernandes organized a guest lecture for the S.Y.B.Com. and T.Y.B.Com. Business Administration students on the topic ‘Trends in Human Resource Management’ on July 14,2018, in the A.V. Room. The resource persons Mr. Arun Sharma and Ms. Jyothi Menon, the HR Heads of Global Banks interacted with students regarding various HR trends in the industry. They provided the inputs on managing workforce diversity, inclusive behavior, blind screening, HR going digital and HR Shared Services.

Guest Lecture on 'IFRS'

Department of Commerce- Department of Accountancy

On Tuesday, 17th July 2018 a guest lecture on ‘International Financial Reporting Standards’ (IFRS) was organized by the Department of Accountancy for the S.Y.B.Com students and conducted by a Chartered Accountant, Mr. Akshay Oke. The lecture explicated the rationale of IFRS as to have a common accounting language and to achieve the objective of better transparency in financial statements in the business world. A comparative analysis of IFRS vis-a-vis Ind AS was given. It also touched upon Ind AS convergence as India has not adopted the IFRS standards. Implications of IFRS in the context of registered companies including Banks and NBFCs were detailed out.

This lecture gave an opportunity to the students to delve into IFRS which is an integral part of the accounting system.

Guest Lecture on 'Corporate Frauds'

Department of Commerce- Department of Accountancy

On Tuesday, 17th July 2018 a guest lecture on ‘Corporate Frauds’ was organized by the Department of Accountancy for the S.Y.B.Com students and conducted by a Chartered Accountant, Mr. Akshay Oke. The lecture gave a brief account of statistics relating to corporate frauds in India and applicable laws within and outside India to deal with the problem. The concept of fraud was explained with the help of case studies, for instance, the Satyam scam. It also detailed out the provisions of the New Companies Act, 2013 relating to frauds and fraud reporting. Factors facilitating frauds was also a part of the session. The most important part of the lecture covered a section on Audit vs. Forensic Audit and it concluded with common fraud risks with solutions to resolve the same.

This lecture enabled the students to understand the reasons for frauds, the government organisations involved in resolving the issue and how to protect oneself from such adversity, thereby leading to investor protection.

GST Lecture Dept of Accountancy

Department of Accountancy organized a guest lecture on 23rd January 2018 for UG and PG students of Arts and Commerce faculty titled “GST Simplified for You and Me".

CA, CPA Mrs. Aparna Thadani took us through the GST journey in a lucid way, highlighting its significance, impact, benefit, teething problems and the road ahead.

It was a highly interactive session as students had an array of questions and Mrs. Thadani clarified all their doubts. The pertinence of the topic and the simplicity in the explanation of a complicated and debatable subject as GST kept the audience engaged throughout the session.

Guest Lecture on NET/SET

Department of Accountancy organized a guest lecture on ‘ Teaching as a Career Option- a GPS for clearing the NET and SLET’ examination’ on 20th Jan 2018 for Vocational courses faculty, M.A, M.Com and T.Y. students .The objective of the guest lecture was motivating and encouraging students to take up teaching as a full time career.

The guest speaker was Dr. Y. Mithare, Vice Principal of H.V. Desai College, a research guide for M.Phil and Ph.D courses at Savitribai Phule Pune University and a SLET paper setter at SPPU.

It was an enlightening and very informative session as he encouraged the students to take up teaching a career. He guided them to start from Zero, shared the tricks for preparation and solving the NET / SLET papers, a systematic preparation of the study plan, list of reference books and quick tips for time management and digital study.

Japanese Delegation Visit to St. Mira’s College - August 2017

A delegation of teachers from the Wakayama state of Japan visited the St. Mira’s College campus on 26th August 2017. The visit was organized by Mr. Chandrashekhar Rathod in collaboration with Prof. Vibha Rathod and Prof. Veena Kenchi

Mr. Hiroyuki Tsui, Director General for International Affairs, Planning Department, Wakayama Prefectural Government, Japan and Mr. Hirai Hidekazu, Director, Wakayama Prefecture Government, Japan with Sakamoto San, Yamasaki San, Shimizi San, Nakamoto San, Minami San, Onishi San and Takahashi San visited the campus.

They interacted with the staff and students of the college and participated the Ganpati festival celebrations in the college. They appreciated the celebrations and discussed educational collaborations with Indian schools and colleges.

The Sadhu Vaswani Inter College Debate Competition 2017 - 18

The annual Sadhu Vaswani Inter College Debate Competition was held on Wednesday 31st January, to commemorate the 52nd Mahayagna of our revered founder Sadhu T.L. Vaswani. The topic was: “Censorship over Free Speech is justified in a diverse country like India.” The judges were Mr. Suraj Sriram and Ms. Priyanka Menon.

The debate was well attended by teams from fourteen colleges across Pune. The speakers were very articulate; they presented insightful views and defended their positions with fervour. The judges had a tough time deciding on the winners. It was a moment of great pride and joy when Ayushi Halder and Swathi Satish from St. Mira’s were declared the Best Team. They also won the won the Best Speaker prize. Sharon Chandekar and Harshika Shirgaokar from Ness Wadia College won the 2nd Best Speaker prizes and the Runner-Up Team prize. The debate was well attended by more than 140 students.

Whittle Paint and Win Contest

An Inter-Departmental Contest titled - "Whittle, Paint and Win" was held on Saturday, 9th December 2017 at the College Sports Ground. In all, there were 34 teams participating from BA, B.Com, M.Com & BBA Departments. The objective of the activity was to have a fun-filled event by using terms from their favourite subject and creating meaningful quotes relating to love, life, friendship, communication and values by painting them out on T-Shirts.

Our students surprised us with fabulous quotes and also showcased their excellent painting skills.

A few quotes created by our students

  • “Residency of Bad Deeds is appropriately taxed in the court of God”
  • “Love & Drama are a part of life to drink like a Shake, but don’t forget your Speare, to protect yourself from the evil which lacks faith.”
  • “Your sorrow is your loss, and to be happy is your profit, but do not forget, God is your Accountant”

Through this activity, they could link their subject to reality, express and explore their thoughts and emotions in a creative way.

The Launch of Certificate Course in Disability: Awareness & Inclusion

Ekansh Trust in collaboration with St. Mira’s College for Girls launched the certificate course in Disability: Awareness & Inclusion on July 19th, 2018. The course was launched in sacred memory of spiritual guru Dada J P Vaswani. The course has over 62 participants, including undergraduate students and teachers from primary schools.

The idea of the course is to spread awareness about the various kinds of physical, mental, intellectual and learning disabilities; their implications; early intervention; rights of Persons with Disabilities (PwD) etc. The steps before inclusion are awareness, acceptance, sensitization and accessibility. These have to happen on multiple levels and the course seeks to focus on equipping students with enough information and guidance to be able to understand these steps better.

Mrs. Anita Narayan Iyer, Director, Ekansh Trust said that she was proud to be launching this course at St. Mira’s College for Girls and hopes that everything she has learnt in her journey will benefit the students through this course.

Dr. Gidwani, Principal, St. Mira’s College for Girls, also reiterated that this course is important and that many more such efforts must be made together.

The Commissioner, Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disability (PwD), Maharashtra, Shri Ruchesh Jaivanshi was very impressed with the course content and has asked for regular feedback on the progress of the course. He believes that such courses would create a lot of awareness beyond the classroom especially when students begin to advocate inclusion.

Dr. Jaya Rajagopalan, Head, Department of Psychology underlined the importance of acceptance and sensitivity and the underlying educational philosophy of the college to develop mature citizens who have reverence for all. She stated that it was exceedingly important in the context of the growing numbers of persons with different types of disability.

Mrs. Jyoti Nair, parent to a girl on the Autism spectrum emphasized the discriminatory attitude that society has towards PwD and urged the students to be future brand ambassadors of disability awareness. Mr. Sumit suffering from Hemophilia spoke about lack of awareness in society for his condition.

Mrs. Sharmin Palsetia, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and the course coordinator compered the event.

Workshops subject-related

Stress Management Workshop

A workshop on 'Stress Management' was organized by Department of BBA on 11th September 2018 for the BBA(HR) students. It was conducted by Mrs. Sharmin Palsetia – faculty of Department of Psychology, St. Mira’s College, with the objective of facilitating students with practical insights on stress management.

The workshop included interaction, stress relieving games, finding the reasons underlying stress and how to overcome them, meditation, and exercises to relieve stress and role play.

The Session educated the students, providing them the right aspects to handle the stress at workplace. The students learned different techniques and exercises to face situations calmly and positively to enhance productivity at the workplace.

MA English - Fresher's Welcome Party

Saturday 11th August 2018, the MA Part 2 students from the Departmentof English had a welcome party for the incoming freshers. Characters from literature varying from Bellatrix Lestrange to Snow White, Alice in Wonderland and Captain America came alive as they donned various costumes. Love, laughter and fun overflowed accompanied by various ice-breaker games, amidstcupcakes and yummy sandwiches.

Department of Commerce - Department of Accountancy Five Days Workshop on GST

Career Counseling Group (CCG), Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) jointly with Pune Branch of WIRC of ICAI in support with IQAC, Savitribai Phule Pune University, organized a Five-Day Workshop on ‘Good and Service Tax’- Girls Students Empowerment through Skill Building. Forty Students from St. Mira’s UG and PG section attended this workshop from 1st July 2018 to 28th July 2018 every Saturday at Ness Wadia College of Commerce, Pune.

The Hon. President of India Shri Ram Nath Kovindji addressed the inaugural session of the GST workshop across India on 1st July 2018. The work shop was conducted by Chartered Accountants who covered the GST Act in detail. ICAI will help the participants, after successful completion of the workshop, to seek employment opportunities through campus placement and allied activities. An initiative in the direction of Women Empowerment.

Workshop on ‘Wealth Management’ Department of Commerce- Department of Accountancy

On Thursday, 19th July a workshop on ‘Wealth Management’ was organized by the Department of Accountancy for T.Y.B. Com and M.Com students. The session was conducted by Dr. Vasudha Joshi who demystified the pyramid of wealth beginning with Wealth Conservativeness, Wealth Creation and Wealth Distribution. The Significance and types of Income, Expenses, Savings and Investments were discussed. Investment Havens like PPF, PF, FDs, RDs, Sukanya Samridhi Scheme, Mutual Funds, SIPs were dwelled upon. The thumb rule for investing in Equities being “100 minus your age should ideally be the amount of investment in Equity”.

An activity was conducted to bring out the significance of budgeting, judicially spending, saving and wisely investing one's income through proper planning and drafting one's personal Balance Sheet.

Workshops Life Skills

Script Writing Workshop

Department of English organised a scriptwriting workshop for the students of the college conducted by Hina Siddiqui a talented young dramatist on Thursday 16th August 2018. This was also an introduction to the upcoming scriptwriting extra credit course wherein students will learn to write their own plays, publish it in the magazine and perform it for the college.

Spoken Word Poetry Workshop

"Aazaad Aawaaz: A Workshop on Revolutionary Poetry Across Linguistic Borders" was organized by the Department of Englishon Saturday, 11th August. The workshop was conducted by popularspoken word poets, Ms. Ankita Singh and Mr. Shahid Khan—both members of dynamic performance poetry communities,and attended by more than 137 students. What performance poetry is, and the technical aspects of both writing and performing such poems was discussed in detail. Through an assortment of poems in performance, the workshop covered: the different creative ways in which different kinds of poetry can be performed, and the range of subjects that poetry can cover—political, social and personal. A demonstration in voice modulation, the key to impactful performance,was also conducted. The benefits of the workshop were felt immediately in the spontaneous performances of some of the students.

Monthly Forum

Department of Commerce - Department of Accountancy Monthly Forum - A Platform for Skilling through Dialogue and Deliberation PNB Scam

The inaugural session of the Monthly Forum for the month of August open for Dialogue and Deliberation on PNB Nirav Scam was conducted on 11th August 2018. It was guided by CS Rashi Joshi who through videos and newspaper articles opened the house for discussion amongUG and PG students. The forum began with an ice-breaking session with the students to help them open up and come forward to put forth their questions and doubts at a later stage.

The Scam was studied in detail and no more couldit be simply called the Nirav Modi Scam alone since PNB was equally involved. The letter of Understanding, Collaterals, 100% Cash Margins was discussed with an insight into the Core Banking System and the SWIFT key linking.

The forum led to insights on many new angles to the fraud with new questions raised as to the involvement of people, Internal Control System, Audit, RBI Audit and so on.

The session enabled the students to understand the fraud that took place, the authorities involved and how it was exposed. They got an insight on how oneshould protect one’s organisation from such scandals by implementing good Internal Control System, strong IT system, constant job rotation in the organisation, changing the Auditors on a timely basis and keeping a check on Internal Auditors work.

Green Club Activity

Green Club - Newspaper Bag-making Activity

The Green Club members conducted a Newspaper Bag-making activity on Saturday, 4th August, 2018. The volunteers prepared in advance for the workshop by raising awareness among students and staff about the need to recycle paper. They succeeded in collecting newspapers from donators across the college, both teachers and students alike. The newspapers were converted into 100 sturdy folders and bags and stored for future use. Students learned the value of the hard work that goes into saving paper, as well as methods of reusing waste.

Green Club Badge-making Activity and Ceremony

Green Club members were enthusiastic to solidify their memberships with a badge. Talented and hardworking members came up with several equally great ideas for the badge design. With the Principal’s blessing, a design was settled upon. Starting Tuesday, 7th August, they painted 50 colourful badges over the course of a week, which culminated in a badge allotment ceremony in the Sanctuary on Monday, 13thAugust, 2018. The Principal, Dr Gulshan Gidwani, was presented with a badge from the Vice-Principal and Head of the Green Club, Dr. Shalini Iyer. With the badge comes responsibility - the Green Club members were christened the ‘Green Guardians’ of the college and formally vested with the duties of conserving college resources like water and electricity. They were also charged with duties of keeping the campus clean in their free time, and instructing students on the importance of not littering.

Green Club Making Newspaper bags for Sanitary Napkin Disposal

The Green Club wholeheartedly supports the Red Dot campaign and acknowledges it as a vital step towards the health and safety of waste management squads across the country. On Thursday, 16th August 2018, Green Guardians of the college gathered together to innovatively craft 135 newspaper bags/envelopes for the responsible disposal of sanitary napkins. They made small envelopes, each emblazoned with the powerful Red Dot. These envelopes were made freely available to all students and faculty. They also enthusiastically volunteered to teach their classmates how to make these envelopes for themselves, thereby spreading the message of hygienic and responsible disposal of sanitary napkins.This is to be an ongoing year-round activity, where envelopes will be made in batches as and when needed by students. The Green Guardians will be responsible for the creation, possession and distribution of the envelopes in classes and washrooms.

'Swacchata Pakhwada' College Clean-up

In accordance with 'Swacchata Pakhwada' observed by the NSS department of the college, on Saturday, 4th August 2018, from 11 am onwards, the members of the Green Club volunteered to help NSS members spruce up the college campus. Armed with brooms and gloves, the students swept the floors, corridors and the garden, cleaned up litter from the campus and weeded the grounds. In the process, they spread awareness not by preaching, but by setting an example to onlookers about the importance of keeping one’s environs clean and green. The activity contributed to students’ collaboration, social awareness, responsibility, team-building skills, promotion of a healthy and hygienic work ethic, and setting a standard through example.

Inaugural Green Club Activity: Visit to the Poona Home and School for the Blind, Koregaon Park, Pune.

On Wednesday, 18th July 2018, the Green Club volunteers undertook the first official activity of the year through a Social Outreach Programme for the benefit of the visually impaired. The activity was dedicated to our Spiritual Guru and Mentor, the late Dada J.P. Vaswani. Volunteers collected newspapers from their homes, neighbours and classmates, sold the same to a third party (raddi or waste paper disposal) vendor and thus generated funds to the tune of Rs. 2000. These funds were used to purchase about 500 Braille paper sheets required by inmates of the Poona Home and School for the Blind, located at Koregaon Park, Pune. The four volunteers made sure to personally deliver their Braille papers at 1 pm and interacted with the inmates. Through this massive collaborative effort, the students demonstrated sensitivity and empathy towards others, learned the power of dedicated effort, and how to balance learning with experience.

Green Club - Garden Manuring Activit

The ongoing college garden waste management project yielded several kilograms of manure. Starting at 12 pm on Tuesday, 14th August 2018, the Green Guardians undertook the task of spreading the large and fertile manure yield across the flowerbeds in the college garden. A group of 20 Green Guardians participated in the activity, sorting out the litter and helping our college sevaks in the process. The students learnt the value of teamwork. They understood the importance of using organic fertilizers which are locally produced, inexpensive, non-polluting and effective.


TEDx - an event created with a mission for "ideas worth spreading". On Saturday, 3rd March 2018, a TEDx event themed 'The Elephant in The Room' was hosted by St. Mira's College for Girls, Pune. It was hosted and organised by the students of the Department of BBA including organisers Mehak Mewawalla and co-organiser Urvi Solanki under the insightful guidance and mentorship of Prof Abhradita Chatterjee Nahvi. This initiative by the Department of BBA was a defining moment for the college as its first and successful TEDx event.

As the phrase suggests, the event elaborated on various issues that are not addressed in a conservative society like ours. The theme could not have been more apt, it is the need of the hour in today's times. Talks on various "elephants in the room" we all come across daily were given by judicious speakers. The talk fulfilled the need for crucial knowledge to be imparted to the girls of the college. The event was a combination of live speakers and TED talk videos.

TEDx St.Mira’s College asked the question, "Are you bold enough to speak of the unspoken?", and speak they did! Bindumadhav Khire - Gay Activist; Justin Rayne Nash - Life Coach; Onkar Khullar - also known as Digital Gandhi; Dr. Ravi Abhyankar - Mental Health professional; Alekh Sangal - Actor and Producer; Anshul Bafna- Business Psychologist and Pushkar Bendre - Pune's leading Stand-up Comedian were the speakers who graced the event with their presence and talked about various elephants in the room that they face day in and day out.

The mesmerizing performances by The Earth Magicians - a jazz fusion world band and to top it all - a ballet dance performance by Neha Sujani's ballerinas added to the luxurious experience.

Delicious delicacies were arranged for breakfast, lunch and high tea. All the attendees were given goodie bags and souvenirs integrated with the theme of the event.

This indigenous event was a result of the strong foundations set by our Principal and guide - Dr. G. H. Gidwani for the students to build on. The greatest purpose of the event was to broaden, educate and expand mindsets in the hope that we would all learn, grow and in turn become a source of change for others.

LitWits Club Activity

Discussion on Macbeth and attendance at a performance of Macbeth

The members of the LitWits Club of the Department of English organised an interactive discussion on Shakespeare's Macbeth on the 31st of August 2018 where the students read and analysed several textual and performative aspects of the play. A group of students then attended a live performance titled 'Macbeth - What is Done is Done' at the Nehru Memorial Hall on the 2nd of September 2018 along with the faculty of the English Department. The activity enabled the students to familiarise themselves with the Shakespearean tragedy and how it travels across space and renews itself before different audiences. The students also got the opportunity to interact briefly with renowned actors like Rajat Kapoor, Ranvir Shorey and Jim Sarbh at the end of the performance.

Department of English Student Club "LitWits" - Inaugural Activity 2018-19

The students' club of the English Department called LitWits organised a Poetry Slam as its first activity for the year 2018-19 on 17 August 2018 from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. The event was coordinated entirely by a group of TYBA students who are the core members of the club. The competition was open to all the students of the college and attracted 11 students who participated enthusiastically by presenting their poems on the theme 'Tragedy'. All the poems presented at the slam were original creations of the students and left the audience in awe of their immense talent. About 50 girls attended the event. The judges for the competition were Ms. Abhana Ajayan and Ms. Arwa Aman, senior students of the MA English class. The winners of the competition

were as follows:

  • First Prize - Friyana Munshi, SYBA
  • Second Prize - Mayuri Makwana, FYBCom
  • Third Prize - Priyanka Chaurasia, FYBA

Industrial Visit to C-DAC by Department of Computer Electronics

To understand the working of a supercomputer, the Electronics Department organized an industrial visit to C-DAC. The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC), Pune has developed affordable supercomputers for educational institutes and industry for conducting high-end in-house research work. The supercomputer in a box solution aims to provide capacity-building with advanced technologies to perform high-end computations for scientific, engineering and academic programs to address and catalyse the research using modelling, simulation and data analysis.

This visit helped students to understand and gain knowledge of soft computing and simulation of data.