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NSS 2019-20

NSS Activities

Raksha Bandhan Celebration - 15thAugust 2019

NSS volunteers celebrated the festival of Raksha Bandhan with visually challenged and other specially-abled students of NAWPC (National Association for the Welfare of the Physically Challenged). Volunteers tied Rakhis to the students staying in the NAWPC hostel. NSS volunteers ensured that Raksha Bandhan was celebrated very enthusiastically by all the students of NAWPC. They presented a musical programme on this occasion and dedicated the programme to the NAWPC sisters and Indian soldiers. The Founder President, Mr. Rahul Deshmukh, Mrs. Devata Deshmukh organized the event innovatively. The girl students of the hostel tied Rakhis to the president and received gifts from him in return.

Tree Plantation

NSS Department of St. Mira’s College participated in a one-day workshop on Tree Plantation in SPPU on 9th August 2019.

Eight volunteers with NSS POs reported at NSS Dept at 9.30 am. Breakfast and tea were first given to the volunteers after which they were sent to the SPPU hill (18.505000 latitude and 73.863440 longitude) to dig pits for tree plantation. Lunch was provided to the volunteers at the refectory. All the volunteers assembled back at the hill at 2.30 pm to unload the saplings which were taken to the pits and planted.

NSS volunteers of St. Mira’s College planted around 20 trees. At 4 pm all the volunteers were assembled at examination building for the valedictory function. Dr. Praful Pawar, Registrar, SPPU; Mr. Rajesh Pandey, Member, Management Council, SPPU; Dr. Sanjay Chakane; Dr. Prabhakar Desai, Director – Dept.of NSS, SPPU; Dr. Vilas Ugale; Dr. Mohan Vaman were present. All the dignitaries discussed the importance of tree plantation and reiterated that each student should plant and conserve one tree in their college life.

NSS Inaugural Function - 3rdAugust 2019

NSS inaugural is customary to start the NSS activities every year. This year Dr. Manisha Pimpalkhare and Ms. Veena Kenchi, previous NSS Program Officers consented to be the speakers for the occasion and interacted with the students. In tradition, the function started with the lighting of the lamp by Vice Principal, Dr. Shalini Iyer; BBA-BCA Coordinator, Ms. Stella Ambrose, and NSS POs Dr. Meenal Sumant and Dr. Sandhya Pandit. This was followed by the NSS song and University song with everyone present standing in respectful attendance. Dr. Meenal Sumant appreciated the volunteers for their enthusiastic participation in all the NSS activities. She briefed the audience about all the activities undertaken and planned for the year 2019-20.

Dr. Manisha Pimpalkhare - Ex NSS PO guided the students and told them about selfless service. She appealed the audience to look at themselves and others as human beings. She emphasized on the fact that social service should be towards all human beings, keeping labels like creed, caste, religion, profession, etc. away. Ms. Veena Kenchi – Ex NSS PO praised the active participation of all the volunteers and discussed the benefits of NSS. According to her, leadership skills, team bonding, adjustments, patience, tolerance are the basic principles which are taught by and learnt in NSS. She requested all students to work sincerely as social service helps bring out the best in every individual. Dr. Sandhya Pandit proposed the vote of thanks at the end. The program was compered by senior NSS volunteers – Ms. Yashada Dixit and Ms. NandiniManglore. They shared their experience with newly admitted FY students and told the audience that NSS teaches them to value the privileges that they receive. The function proceeded smoothly under the guidance of our principal, Dr. Gulshan Gidwani.

Dada J.P. Vaswani’s Birth Anniversary Celebrations- 2nd August 2019

Every year Sadhu Vaswani Mission, the parent institution of St. Mira’s College, celebrates Dada J.P. Vaswani’s birthday on 2nd August as “Moment of Calm”. An appeal to forgive each and every one is made to the gathered devotees. Every year thousands of devotees attend this programme and take Dadaji’s blessings;langar, a lunch as prasad, is organised for the devotees.

This year was Dadaji’s 101stbirth anniversary. A recorded video of Dadaji’s talk was played, after which at 2.00 pm, 2 minutes silence was maintained where everyone silently forgave the people who had done them wrong.

40 NSS volunteers performed the following duties at the mission—escorting devotees to the langar, distributing drinking water to everyone and cleaning the vessels. Duties were taken in turn. The volunteers did their job sincerely, offering service to all the devotees without any complaints.

No Tobacco Day Pledge

Every year ‘No Tobacco Day’ is celebrated on 31st May 2019. ‘Tobacco and Lung Health’ is the WHOtheme for the year 2019-20. The NSS Department of St. Mira’s College celebrated ‘No Tobacco Day’ on the occasion of World Population Day.

NSS PO Dr. Meenal Sumant interacted with the students, sevaks and sevikas and discussed the disastrous effects of tobacco on the lungs and the respiratory system. Nearly 500 students, along with theTeachers, Non-teaching Staff, Sevaks and Sevikas pledged not to consume tobacco in any form and to restrain others from the use of tobacco.

Swachha Bharat Summer Internship Programme

NSS volunteers actively participated in the ‘Swachha Bharat Summer Internship Programme’, which was undertaken on 11th July 2019. All the volunteers went to the Poona Blind School early in the morning and worked there for 5 hours. Volunteers along with the NSS POs reached the place at 9.00 am. Two immensely dirty rooms, which were not used for years, were assigned to us for cleaning. The batch of 10 volunteers worked hard to make those rooms liveable. The volunteers cleaned the floor, windows, tables, chairs, racks, walls, and every other thing in those rooms.Volunteers even disposed of broken articles, the collected garbage and unwanted things in the allotted area.

After cleaning both the rooms, the volunteers wiped down all the articles – tables, computer tables, chairs, benches, etc. with a wet cloth. They wiped the floor and windows, too. Finally, the toilets were also cleaned by the volunteers. Such was their dedication!

The officials of the school were very happy with our volunteers and their work. They plan to start new classes in these rooms. Some volunteers helped the cooks to prepare food for the children of the school. The Swachha Bharat Summer Internship concluded with a small rally creating awareness on cleanliness.

Swachha Wari, Swastha Wari, Nirmal Wari, Harit Wari

NSS volunteers visited the Dindisat Sant Gadgebaba Municipal School in Koregaon Park. 5200 patrawalis were collected fromAISSMS, COE on 25th and 26th June by NSS POs – MeenalSumant and Sandhya Pandit. All the patrawalis were distributed by NSS POs, staff and faculty members – Ms. Gauri Mhalgi, Dr. Arwah Madan, Ms. Jyoti Chintan, along with the students of St. Mira’s College. Thepatrawalis were distributed in Shaniwar Peth, Sant Gadgebaba School and Koregaon Park area.

On Thursday, 27th June2019, seven NSS volunteers went to Sant Gadgebaba Municipal School tohelp clean up. They interacted with the warkaris and helped them. Volunteers collected dry garbage and cleaned the area.

On Friday, 28th June 2019, the NSS volunteers visited Sant Gadgebaba Municipal School again, after the departure of the dindis. NSS volunteers cleaned the premises; the dry and wet garbage was collected separately.

Guinness Book World Record

NSS Department, St. Mira’s College participated in the Guinness Book World Record attempt by SPPU on 23rd June 2019, Sunday, with a total of 241 students and 5 teachers – Ms. Hasina Shaikh, Ms. Manjita Kulkarni, Ms. Ekta Jadhav, Dr. Sandhya Pandit and Dr. Meenal Sumant. All the students gathered at the Geology Dept. at the University at 8.00 am. Biscuits, Poppins, T-shirts and Barcode bands were distributed to them. The students walked down to the University main ground, the venue of record, at 10.00 am.

The NSS Department, SPPU, attempted a Guinness Book World Record for ‘The Largest Distribution of Saplings’ by distributing 16741 Neem saplings to 16741 students from over 300 colleges from Pune District. Honourable Chief Minister Mr. Devendra Phadanvis addressed the students. He congratulated all the students for being part of this grand event and appealed them to be ready to break their own record in the future. Pune Guardian Minister, Chandrakant Patil; Dr. Nitin Karamalkar, Vice-chancellor SPPU; Rajesh Pandey addressed the students as well. Dr. Sanjay Chakane hosted the entire event.

NSS Winter Camp

Day 1 – 09/12/2018 Sunday

On 9th December, the journey for NSS special camp began from St. Mira’s College for Girls, Pune at 8.30 in the morning and reached its destination village Parodi at 10 a.m. The students from Hujurpaga College reached at 10.30 a.m. to the destination. Upon reaching the campsite at Z.P. Primary School at Parodi, the NSS volunteers cleaned the classrooms that were allotted for the camp and helped in setting up kitchen for the camp.

Professors from St. Mira’s College – Dr. Snober Satarawala, Ms. Suhail Azawedo, Ms. Komal Tujare and Ms. Roma Dar visited the camp. They interacted with the students and congratulated them for being the part of the NSS camp. Ms. Roma delivered a lecture on Team Building and explained the importance and advantages of team work. Ms. Roma and Ms. Komal conducted team-building games for the volunteers.

Post lunch, the NSS volunteers were divided into various teams. They were assigned the tasks to be undertaken during the camp and were given the details about the schedule of the Camp.

In the evening, two women entrepreneurs interacted with the volunteers and guided them about self-empowerment. Ms. Soniya Sumant (Team Manager-Just Dial) demonstrated ‘Making of Perfumes, Scents and Deodrants’. Ms. Chaitrali Honap (an entrepreneur) demonstrated the artificial jewellery making and explained the importance of self-employment.

In pre-dinner session the volunteers of both the colleges were engaged in an interactive session of getting to know the fellow volunteers and their motivation for joining NSS.

Day 2 – 10/12/2018 Monday

Our mornings in the camp started with prayer i.e. Sanctuary, followed by University Song, NSS Song and exercises.

In the morning, NSS volunteers enjoyed a lecture on ‘First aid’ by Ms. Pooja Nimbore. She demonstrated and explained various techniques of first aid and post-accident critical care.

Inaugural Session – At 10.00 am the inauguration of the camp took place. The programme started with the address of Ms. Ushatai Wagh, Treasurer, Maharashtra Girls’ Education Society. Dr. Bairagi, the principal, Hujurpaga Commerce College, addressed the volunteers. The chief guest for the programme, Ms. Rekha Bandal (Member, ZP) interacted with the students. She briefly explained the social work done by her. She stressed on the role of women in Nation building. Ex-sarpanch of Parodi village, Mr. Vikas Shivale also addressed the audience. He stressed on the rural- urban divide in India and how the NSS camp experience can be used to contribute in bridging this divide. He further urged the volunteers to take this opportunity of learning from new environment and to find more innovative ways of developing villages through education, trade, commerce as well as social service. The Sarpanch, Mr. Ganesh Temgire welcomed the volunteers of both the colleges and explained the agenda of 7 days camp. He explained the concept of a group gram panchayat and discussed the agenda of the camp with the students. The Upsarpanch-Mr. Rahul Shivale, Mr. Sushant Temgire and other Gram Panchayat members from the village were present for the function.

St. Mira’s College for girls’, Vice-Principal – Mrs. Shalini Iyer, Professors-Dr. Manisha Pimpalkhare and Ms. Jyoti Chintan were also present during the function. Mrs. Iyer wished a good luck to both the colleges for the camp. In her speech she expressed her gratitude to the Gram Panchayat for allowing us to conduct the NSS Camp in their village. Post-inaugural Dr. Pimpalkhare and Ms. Chintan interacted with the students.

Post-lunch different groups discussed the topics for streetplays and volunteers of both the colleges practiced for the street play.

Day 3 – 11/12/2018 Tuesday

Our mornings in the camp started with prayer i.e. Sanctuary, followed by University Song, NSS Song and exercises.

A village rally on ‘Save Water’ was conducted by the volunteers of both the colleges.

NSS volunteers undertook the Cleaning of Parodi Village. The groups of volunteers were assigned different parts of the village for cleaning. Some groups were given the job of village surveys. These students went from door to door and conducted basic socio-economic survey of the village.

In the evening, Ms. Anushree Thakar, Founder, Trimiti, guided students and taught them the leadership skills. She also talked about the mentally challenged people and their financial rehabilitation.

Every evening, volunteers used to gather outside the vitthal mandir and accompany the villagers in singing ‘haripath’. Students actively participated in singing bhajans on the rhythm of tal and dholaki. NSS Volunteers also enjoyed playing fugadi after the bhajan.

In the pre-dinner session volunteers interacted with each other and practiced for street plays.

Day 4 – 12/12/2018 Wednesday

Our mornings in the camp started with prayer i.e. Sanctuary, followed by University Song, NSS Song and exercises.

NSS volunteers of both the colleges went to Satkarwadi Zilla Parishad Primary School. Volunteers interacted with the school children; sang poems and rhymes for them. They also conducted ‘Colouring Competition’ for all the classes in the school. We provided pictures and crayons to them. Volunteers guided the students and helped them to colour the picture.

After the competition, school students demonstrated their talents to our volunteers and all the volunteers were surprised to see these village scholars. The student (4th standard - Satkarwadi Zilla Parishad Primary School) wrote 12 digit numbers (70 thousand crores) very easily without any support from the teacher. They have developed a code language, with which they explain any difficult word to their fellow students. They also demonstrated their language skills.

Some of the volunteers made pits in the Parodi village for tree plantation. Volunteers really worked hard and made 15 pits with the help of spades and hoes.

Post lunch Free Breast Cancer Awareness Session was organized for the women in the parodi village. Dr. Dipali Chavan explained the causes, symptoms and diagnosis of the breast cancer. All the women in the village were checked for breast cancer too.

In the evening, volunteers practiced for street plays and cultural programme. In the evening some groups went to Peer Saheb Dargah for cleaning.

Day 5 – 13/12/2018 Thursday

Our mornings in the camp started with prayer i.e. Sanctuary, followed by University Song, NSS Song and exercises.

A village Rally on the theme ‘Save Girl Child’ was conducted by the volunteers.

A tree plantation at parodi village was undertaken by the NSS volunteers. All the saplings were donated by the NSS volunteers of St. Mira’s College and Hujurpaga College. Professors from St. Mira’s College – Ms. Hasina Shaikh, Ms. Manjita Kulkarni visited the camp. Ms. Kulkarni guided the students about the alternative healing technique – ‘Reiki’. She talked about the origin and history of Reiki. She explained the technique of Reiki and its advantages in detail.

More than hundred books were collected by the staff, students and NSS volunteers of St. Mira’s College. These books were donated to the Zilla Parishad Primary School, Parodi, at the hands of Ms. Hasina Shaikh, Ms. Manjita Kulkarni and NSS volunteers.

A ‘colouring competition’ in zilla parishad primary school was conducted jointly by the volunteers of both the colleges. Students were provided with the pictures and crayons. Volunteers guided the students and helped them to colour the picture. Volunteers interacted with the school children; sang poems and rhymes for them.

A Poetry recitation programme by a renowned Poet Mr. Bharat Daundkar called ‘Mata, Mati and Sanskriti’ was organized for the volunteers. Mr. Bharat Daundkar commented on love, parents and their love, and attacked on various taboos in our society through this programme.

The day was ended with an interactive session with Mr. Swamiraj Bhise, a well-known social activist. Initially he guided the students about the social service and putting up a street play. Then he put up a street play with the help of some of the volunteers. He demonstrated all the minute techniques and details of Street play to the students. Students enjoyed the session.

Day 6 – 14/12/2018 Friday

Our mornings in the camp started with prayer i.e. Sanctuary, followed by University Song, NSS Song and exercises.

A village rally on the theme ‘cleanliness’ was conducted by the volunteers.

A day was devoted to tree plantation. Students were divided into two groups. One group accompanied by Ms. Veena Kenchi went to the Satakarwadi for tree plantation and the other group with Ms. Meenal Sumant and Mr. Arde visited Shivtakrar Mhalungi for tree plantation. NSS volunteers enthusiastically made the pits, planted the trees and watered the plants at both the places. 20 and 15 trees were planted respectively. Prof. N. N. Shejwal visited NSS Camp and tree plantation at Shivtakrar Mhalungi was done at the hands of Prof. N. N. Shejwal. He interacted with the students and encouraged them to interact with the village people and understand their history, problems, etc.

Post lunch students practiced for street plays and cultural programmes.

In the evening, a small cultural programme was put up by all the NSS volunteers for the villagers of Parodi. Programme was hosted by Munira and Kartiki. Street plays on the themes male-female equality, farmers suicide, cleanliness were put up by the students. Solo and group dance performances were also enjoyed by the villagers. The main attraction of the programme was the Powada put up by one non-marathi student. This powada was actually written and presented by Munira Phaltanwala. Mr. Shivaji Pacharne, Department of NSS, SPPU, was also present for the cultural programme.

On the day of cultural programmes, a dinner was organized by all the villagers of parodi. NSS volunteers enjoyed a yummy dinner of Maaswadi and Bhakari.

Day 7 – 15/12/2018 Saturday

Our mornings in the camp started with prayer i.e. Sanctuary, followed by University Song, NSS Song and exercises.

All the NSS volunteers cleaned the premises of ZP Primary school and Gram Panchayat Office.

Valedictory Programme : Valedictory Function was organised in the morning. The Speaker of Panchayat Samiti. Mr. Vishwas Kohakade and Ms. Rekha Bandal , Member, Zila Parishad were the chief guests for the programme. Ex Sarpanch Mr. Vikas Shivale and the other senior members of the gram panchayat were also present for the event. They interacted with the volunteers regarding the experience of the camp, interactions with the villagers, needs of the students in rural areas like sound communication skills in English and how best the urban youngsters can contribute towards that.

Mr. Vishwas Kohakade and Ms. Rekha Bandal interacted with the students. Ms. Rekha Bandal invited all the students for the lunch and to visit her Haveli which was under construction. Prize distribution of the Colouring Competition was done at the hands of the Chief Guests.

After the valedictory programme, the school rooms and gram panchayat office were cleaned by the NSS volunteers and handed over to the village. On the way to Pune, NSS volunteers visited the Bandal Haveli and enjoyed Misal Pav arranged by Ms. Rekha Bandal. Mr. Vikas Shivale arranged for the visit to Vyankatesh Sugar Factory which was worth visiting. One of the finest factories which creates minimum waste was studied by the volunteers. Technological impact on factories and its impact on environment was discussed by Mr. Sonawane.

Tree Plantation