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Re-accredited by NAAC 'A' Grade (Fourth Cycle April 2023) 2023 : NAAC score 3.19 2017 : NAAC score 3.41 2012 : NAAC score 3.03 Awarded: Best College-SPPU (2002); , UGC-CPE (2005), UGC-CPE (2010)

Student Induction Program

STUDENTS INDUCTION PROGRAMME 2023-24: A platform for Socialising, Associating, Governing and Experiencing (SAGE) - 5th to 10th and 13th July 2023

Day 1: 5th July 2023 - Acclimatisation with the Institution and its Ethos

The Student Induction Programme at St. Mira's College commenced on July 5th, 2023, with the aim of familiarizing first-year students with the college campus and promoting rapport among teachers and students. The six-day program combined play and learning to provide a fruitful teaching-learning experience.

The first day began with a prayer service and lighting of the lamp to seek blessings from the founder and spiritual mentor. The Principal delivered a warm welcome address, introducing the students to the college's tradition, values, and journey.

The sessions included a Yoga session conducted by the Mrs. Ekta Jadhav of Physical Education, emphasizing the importance of fitness and health. The Green Club acquainted students with environmental initiatives and organized a slogan writing competition.

Dr Vaishali Joshi briefed the students about the college's founder, spiritual mentor, Sadhu Vaswani Mission, and its activities. The college's focus on social service and a Cultural Programme on the final day of the SIP generated excitement among the students.

Overall, the induction program aimed to acclimatize the newcomers and prepare them for a rewarding academic year at St. Mira's College.

Day 2: 6th July 2023 - Building Bridges to walk

The second day of the induction program focused on familiarizing the first-year students with various aspects of the college. The sessions included:

Presentation of the Institution and Autonomy: Dr Snober Sataravala introduced the students to Sadhu Vaswani Mission, its founders, and the college's curriculum and autonomy. She also explained the new NEP system to be implemented from the academic year 2023-24.

Introduction to Mentoring: Mrs. Geetanjali Phadnis emphasized the importance of mentoring and its types. Students learned about the mentoring process conducted throughout the year in different semesters.

Exam Cell Session: COE Dr Vaishali Diwakar explained the examination process, including form filling, hall ticket collection, timetable, and result declaration.

College Clubs: Dr Meenal Sumant and Dr Snober Sataravala presented information about various college clubs, including Litwits, Debate, Theatre, and Miranomics club, encouraging student participation in club events.

Students Grievance Cell: Mrs. Suhaile Azavedo explained the grievance redressal procedures and the "Open Door Policy" for students and staff to discuss matters with faculty and administration. Students were informed about the formal complaint process.

Additionally, the students participated enthusiastically in the Cultural Programme, showcasing their talents. They also visited the college library to explore its sections and available resources.

Day 3: 7th July 2023 - A step towards Holistic Development

Day 3 of the induction program began with a sanctuary session, followed by:

Introduction to Mental Wellbeing Programme: Ms. Swaruti Tamang and student team discussed the program's objectives and importance, including classroom sessions, group therapy, and individual counselling.

Student Welfare Scheme: Dr Hasina Shaikh detailed the scheme, benefits, and activities like Earn and Learn and personality development programs.

Academic Bank of Credits (ABC): Dr Meenal Sumant explained NEP, ABC, and the importance of ABC ID in academic career, with a demo video.

Electoral Club: Ms. Veena Kenchi introduced the club, democracy, voting rights, and national importance days.

Relaxing Session: Senior volunteers conducted quiz and games for students' enjoyment.

Library Importance: Ms. Devinder Kaur emphasized the significance of books, library, book bank schemes, and online resources.

The day ended with group visits to the library and Darshan Museum. Ms. Monika Rajguru, Ms. Veena Kenchi, Ms. Meenal Sumant, and Ms. Shubhangi Jagtap hosted the sessions, and student volunteers actively assisted in arrangements and discipline.

Day 4: 8th July 2023 - Experiencing the Joy of Giving

Day 4 of the induction program included:

NSS Orientation: Mrs. Manjita Kulkarni conducted an engaging session on the National Service Scheme, highlighting the importance of community service and its impact on personal and social development.

Social Outreach Initiatives: Mrs. Abhradita Nahvi provided an insightful orientation on social outreach, inspiring students to engage in volunteerism and create a positive change in society.

Inter-College and Intra-College Competitions: Students were introduced to various competitions, showcasing opportunities for talent and skill showcase, personal growth, and networking. Mrs. Shanti conducted the session.

Visit to 'Darshan - A Life Changing Experience': First-year BA students experienced Sadhu T. L. Vaswani's life through spatial, audio, video, and sensory experiences.

The day's activities aimed to encourage students to actively participate in community service, social outreach, and college competitions, while also providing them with a glimpse of the inspiring life of Sadhu T. L. Vaswani.

Day 5: 10th July 2023 - Life is larger than Livelihood

Day 5 of the induction program included:

Insight into New Education Policy (NEP): Dr Vaishali Joshi discussed the transformative changes brought about by NEP, emphasizing holistic development, skill-based learning, and interdisciplinary approaches.

Placement Orientation: Students received valuable guidance on the job market, industry trends, and skills in demand. They learned about the placement process, resume building, and interview preparation techniques.

Centre for Women Entrepreneurship (CWE): Mrs. Abhradita Nahvi introduced CWE, providing guidance and resources for aspiring women entrepreneurs and sharing success stories of women entrepreneurs.

Alumni Association: Ms. Naheed Vakaria and Ms. Devyani Rupeeja led an informative session on the alumni association, emphasizing its significance in building a professional network and providing career insights and mentorship.

Visit to Darshan: F.Y.B. Com students visited the Darshan exhibit, providing an insightful glimpse into the life of Sadhu T. L. Vaswani.

The day's activities focused on empowering students with knowledge and opportunities for holistic development, career preparation, and fostering meaningful connections within the college community and beyond.

Day 6: 13th July 2023 - Sanskar- A fest for celebrating Indian Culture and Ethos

The Cultural Programme was a part of the 6-day induction for first-year students. The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp by Vice Principal Dr Shaini Iyer, followed by an interactive conversation with the students. FY students showcased their talents through dance performances and singing. The program concluded with a vote of thanks by Dr Meenal Sumant. Around 350 to 380 students attended the event, which was followed by refreshments arranged by the college.