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Re-accredited by NAAC 'A' Grade (Fourth Cycle April 2023) 2023 : NAAC score 3.19 2017 : NAAC score 3.41 2012 : NAAC score 3.03 Awarded: Best College-SPPU (2002); , UGC-CPE (2005), UGC-CPE (2010)

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Whittle Paint and Win Contest

An Inter-Departmental Contest titled - "Whittle, Paint and Win" was held on Saturday, 9th December 2017 at the College Sports Ground. In all, there were 34 teams participating from BA, B.Com, M.Com & BBA Departments. The objective of the activity was to have a fun-filled event by using terms from their favourite subject and creating meaningful quotes relating to love, life, friendship, communication and values by painting them out on T-Shirts.

Our students surprised us with fabulous quotes and also showcased their excellent painting skills.

A few quotes created by our students

  • “Residency of Bad Deeds is appropriately taxed in the court of God”
  • “Love & Drama are a part of life to drink like a Shake, but don’t forget your Speare, to protect yourself from the evil which lacks faith.”
  • “Your sorrow is your loss, and to be happy is your profit, but do not forget, God is your Accountant”

Through this activity, they could link their subject to reality, express and explore their thoughts and emotions in a creative way.

The Launch of Certificate Course in Disability: Awareness & Inclusion

Ekansh Trust in collaboration with St. Mira’s College for Girls launched the certificate course in Disability: Awareness & Inclusion on July 19th, 2018. The course was launched in sacred memory of spiritual guru Dada J P Vaswani. The course has over 62 participants, including undergraduate students and teachers from primary schools.

The idea of the course is to spread awareness about the various kinds of physical, mental, intellectual and learning disabilities; their implications; early intervention; rights of Persons with Disabilities (PwD) etc. The steps before inclusion are awareness, acceptance, sensitization and accessibility. These have to happen on multiple levels and the course seeks to focus on equipping students with enough information and guidance to be able to understand these steps better.

Mrs. Anita Narayan Iyer, Director, Ekansh Trust said that she was proud to be launching this course at St. Mira’s College for Girls and hopes that everything she has learnt in her journey will benefit the students through this course.

Dr. Gidwani, Principal, St. Mira’s College for Girls, also reiterated that this course is important and that many more such efforts must be made together.

The Commissioner, Department of Empowerment of Persons with Disability (PwD), Maharashtra, Shri Ruchesh Jaivanshi was very impressed with the course content and has asked for regular feedback on the progress of the course. He believes that such courses would create a lot of awareness beyond the classroom especially when students begin to advocate inclusion.

Dr. Jaya Rajagopalan, Head, Department of Psychology underlined the importance of acceptance and sensitivity and the underlying educational philosophy of the college to develop mature citizens who have reverence for all. She stated that it was exceedingly important in the context of the growing numbers of persons with different types of disability.

Mrs. Jyoti Nair, parent to a girl on the Autism spectrum emphasized the discriminatory attitude that society has towards PwD and urged the students to be future brand ambassadors of disability awareness. Mr. Sumit suffering from Hemophilia spoke about lack of awareness in society for his condition.

Mrs. Sharmin Palsetia, Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology and the course coordinator compered the event.

Workshops subject-related

Monthly Forum

Department of Commerce - Department of Accountancy Monthly Forum - A Platform for Skilling through Dialogue and Deliberation PNB Scam

The inaugural session of the Monthly Forum for the month of August open for Dialogue and Deliberation on PNB Nirav Scam was conducted on 11th August 2018. It was guided by CS Rashi Joshi who through videos and newspaper articles opened the house for discussion amongUG and PG students. The forum began with an ice-breaking session with the students to help them open up and come forward to put forth their questions and doubts at a later stage.

The Scam was studied in detail and no more couldit be simply called the Nirav Modi Scam alone since PNB was equally involved. The letter of Understanding, Collaterals, 100% Cash Margins was discussed with an insight into the Core Banking System and the SWIFT key linking.

The forum led to insights on many new angles to the fraud with new questions raised as to the involvement of people, Internal Control System, Audit, RBI Audit and so on.

The session enabled the students to understand the fraud that took place, the authorities involved and how it was exposed. They got an insight on how oneshould protect one’s organisation from such scandals by implementing good Internal Control System, strong IT system, constant job rotation in the organisation, changing the Auditors on a timely basis and keeping a check on Internal Auditors work.


TEDx - an event created with a mission for "ideas worth spreading". On Saturday, 3rd March 2018, a TEDx event themed 'The Elephant in The Room' was hosted by St. Mira's College for Girls, Pune. It was hosted and organised by the students of the Department of BBA including organisers Mehak Mewawalla and co-organiser Urvi Solanki under the insightful guidance and mentorship of Prof Abhradita Chatterjee Nahvi. This initiative by the Department of BBA was a defining moment for the college as its first and successful TEDx event.

As the phrase suggests, the event elaborated on various issues that are not addressed in a conservative society like ours. The theme could not have been more apt, it is the need of the hour in today's times. Talks on various "elephants in the room" we all come across daily were given by judicious speakers. The talk fulfilled the need for crucial knowledge to be imparted to the girls of the college. The event was a combination of live speakers and TED talk videos.

TEDx St.Mira’s College asked the question, "Are you bold enough to speak of the unspoken?", and speak they did! Bindumadhav Khire - Gay Activist; Justin Rayne Nash - Life Coach; Onkar Khullar - also known as Digital Gandhi; Dr. Ravi Abhyankar - Mental Health professional; Alekh Sangal - Actor and Producer; Anshul Bafna- Business Psychologist and Pushkar Bendre - Pune's leading Stand-up Comedian were the speakers who graced the event with their presence and talked about various elephants in the room that they face day in and day out.

The mesmerizing performances by The Earth Magicians - a jazz fusion world band and to top it all - a ballet dance performance by Neha Sujani's ballerinas added to the luxurious experience.

Delicious delicacies were arranged for breakfast, lunch and high tea. All the attendees were given goodie bags and souvenirs integrated with the theme of the event.

This indigenous event was a result of the strong foundations set by our Principal and guide - Dr. G. H. Gidwani for the students to build on. The greatest purpose of the event was to broaden, educate and expand mindsets in the hope that we would all learn, grow and in turn become a source of change for others.

Salsa Credit Course

Interesting and innovative credit courses are always our way at St. Mira’s, one of which was a Salsa Styling Credit Course conducted by our very own final year BBA student, Ms. SimranWadhwani, a certified instructor in Performing Arts.

This 15-hour course helped students understand the better utilization of body motion and styling while introducing them to some flavours of international culture. The training was imparted to students from all the streams.

This workshop was an endeavour to introduce different cultures and their art forms to students. The instructor was successful in achieving the set goal of helping the girls learn more about the dance form and build better personalities at the same time.

Practical and theory examinations were conducted at the end of the sessions for students, to evaluate their understanding and learning through the course.

The students enthusiastically look forward to more such opportunities and learnings.